Red's essence is beautiful, powerful, strong, pioneering, friendly, warm, initiating, persistent, patient, attractive, originating, and passionate.

Red raises blood temperature, stimulates circulation. Used to treat anemia, inertia, tiredness, paralysis, depletion and exhaustion. Physical symptoms of blocked Red energy are:
  • Weakness
  • Reproductive Problems
  • Poor circulation
  • Anemia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Tiredness
Gem Stones:
  • Ruby
  • Garnet
  • Bloodstone
  • Red Jasper
  • Rhodechrosite
Spiritual Influence:
Red uplifts the spirit of Life, enhances feelings of love and carnal passion. Has a grounding stabilizing effect.

Vibration - 264HZ
Musical Note - C
Number - 1

The color red is called a hue and has an associated sound. The sound is called hu and sounds like 'hue'. It vibrates at 264Hz

Listen to the hu sound of red by clicking play.

Pick an affirmation from the 'Red Affirmation of the Day' or make one up using one of the descriptive words at the top. Write (type) your affirmation 15 times for best results.

What are Color Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements repeated on a regular basis by writing them, saying them or even wearing them. Color Affirmations are very effective because they invite the strength and power of each color ray.

Check out the affirmations below. If you choose to write them try using a Red pencil or typing them in a Red font or Red background as below.

Red Affirmation of the Day

Another Affirmation