Here are some ways you can use color to assist you in your well-being:

Wear color hues that reflect qualities you want to experience.

View the color attributes on the right to determine what is the best color or colors to incorporate into your life now.

Eat foods and supplements that contain specific color hues.

Color visualizations, affirmations, gem therapy, and contemplations, are powerful ways to invite the nourishing qualities of color into our lives.

Color Spectrum Therapy, an alternative healing modality, is the process of keeping the channels of color energy open to our vital organs.




Hue Meanings

Each color has it's own unique quality or attribute. Use this information to achieve your goals on any level. Whether you want to change the way you communicate or want to create a beautiful living space for yourself. color will impact the outcome.

Red Red is:
Beautiful, Powerful, Strong, Pioneering, Friendly, Warm, Initiating, Persistent, Patient, Attractive, Originating, and Passionate

Orange Orange is:
Spontaneous, Bold, Daring, Inspirational, Outrageous, Robust, Funny,
Fearless, Adventuresome, Building, and Bouyant

Yellow Yellow is:
Happy, Cheerful, Astringent, Intelligent, Shining, Highly Communicative, Expressive, Logical, Purifying, Orderly, and Forgiving

Green Green is:
Secure, Safe, Expansive, Sharing, Open, Flexible, Connecting, Free, Just, Balanced, Harmonious, and Efficient

Turquoise Turquoise is:
Clear, Fresh, Focused, Youthful, Imaginative, Transformational,
Clean, Sensitive, Changing, Rarified, New, and Victorious

Blue Blue is:
Tranquil, Calm, Peaceful, Honest, Trusting, Creative, Open, Deep, Faithful, Reliable, and Accepting

Purple Purple is:
Regal, Respected, Admired, Humble, Intuitive, Knowing, Together, Dignified, Valuable, Tolerant, and Connecting

Pink Pink is:
Abundant, Genuine, Responsible, Compassionate, Loving, Mature, Great, The Color of Relationships, Considerate, Adept, Natural

We can invite more color into our lives by putting color around us in an aesthetically pleasing way. We can pick the color or colors by the qualities we want to express in our lives. For example, if we want to be more
adventuresome and courageous, we would pick Orange.

Applying color consciously is the beginning of our taking a quantum step forward in our own health and healing process. Focusing on colors that reflect our inner goals and personality is a good way to begin.
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