Mind & Spirit - Our Spiritual Connection to Color

"Physician, heal thyself"…… that means you and me! We operate on four distinct levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. The holistic healing approach takes into account each of these levels. Its’ goal is to bring balance, harmony, and health to the individual.

There are three basic aspects of the Holistic approach to medicine:

  1. Disease prevention by placing responsibility with the individual patient as self-healer to use his own resources to promote health, prevent illness, and encourage healing.
  2. Each person is unique and individual and not as a symptom-bearing organism.
  3. Finally, holistic practitioners attempt to make use of the many available diagnosis, treatment, and heal methods, including both alternative and standard medical methods.

Color Therapy and Holistic Healing are synonymous. Color Therapy meets all of the criteria of Holistic Healing. Color is light energy. It is the visible spectrum of electromagnetic waves. This relates to the science of physics. The field of Chemistry also substantiates that color is in all substances. The physiology of color is the process that takes place during visual perception. And the psychology of color includes the sensation our brains make out of our perceptions.

Color also includes another science, mathematics, which deals with color as a structural problem. It orders the multiplicity of colors according to objective parameters, and devises models in which each individual hue has its place. An infinite set of patterns combining any and all colors can thus be created and cause a particular effect. Out of multiplicity, however, does come simplicity.

There are eight ‘power’ colors. They are the visible spectrum produced when white light is passed through a prism. In order they are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Purple and Magenta (Pink). Each of these colors relate physically to a particular endocrine gland and one or more vital organs. Color energy is to our endocrine system like water, sunshine and CO2 is to a growing plant.

They are essential to maintaining life and health. Put another way, ‘Color Therapy’ is the aware and scientific application of color. Using color consciously is the beginning of our taking a quantum step forward in healing. We can do this by putting colors around us in our environment in an aesthetically pleasing way. Wearing these colors in specific tones and shades that harmonize with our own natural palette of colors is another way we can consciously work with color. Eating foods and supplements that contain these colors assists us on our path to "healing".

Color affirmations, visualizations, meditation (contemplation – focusing) are extremely powerful methods of Color Therapy. Applying colored lights directly to areas of our body also encourages safe and effective healing. All medications contain color. It is unfortunate, however, that some medications also contain elements that do not have life giving properties, hence the healing effect is sabotaged and balance is compromised. Literally everything relates to color (light energy at different vibrations). The next time you listen to your favorite music, try to match it with a color. Listen to people talk and hear the colors they are speaking. "I am HAPPY(Yellow) today, I feel STRONG and PERSISTENT (Red), I TRUST (Blue) my INTUITION (Purple)". Color can be applied dynamically on any level and will enable us to live to our fullest and most creative potential.

Color Focusing is a Proactive Approach
to Healing

We are in essence merging ourselves with the with the object of our attention in a proactive way. It really is natural and can be fun and easy as well. You can try this technique with each color hue. Have you ever noticed that whenever you are having fun, time no longer exists and it is easy to keep our attention on what we are doing. The more of our five senses we get involved in the focusing process, the easier it becomes. Sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste.

Let's begin with what most of us can relate to very easily…our sight. When white light is passed through a prism the visible spectrum of the rainbow can be seen.

This 'Color Focusing' technique incorporates meditative and contemplative practices called 'Spiritual Exercises' with a technique outlined in the book called "Focusing" by Eugene T. Gendlin, PH.D. This technique is a 'hybrid' of both of these practices. It blends the physical experiences we are having with spiritual insights we have through meditation and contemplation. We can then put a 'word' that matches that experience.

BioSpirituality: Focusing As a Way to Grow - Click Here

The whole premise of 'Color Focusing' is to first experience a specific color hue spiritually and then to be able to verbalize it's quality after we feel it's energy in our physical form. For example red is "beautiful." Red is "warm." Once you are in tune with a color's basic essence (quality) you have the foundation for wellness and balance. You will begin to see and experience color in a whole new 'light'!

It is alright to be skeptical.

Direct experience is the only way to know from your heart if something is true. It may seem to you that the declaration 'color is the only energy that keeps our physical forms alive' is ostentatious But how are you going to know unless you actually experience this energy directly. "Focusing " will help you do this. Actually we are 'focusing ' in some way in every moment. Doing it with clarity and intention is the difference.

Above left is a step-by-step outline of 'FOCUSING'. Read it over a few times and then begin. Soon you will be doing this with ease.

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